Delay — two post vacation.

Hi, everyone.

So.  I’ve recently been going through a string of very stressful events — not related to the story, but they’ve been having an impact on my writing.  (if you want the details, I’ve posted them in my most recent online diary post.)  Yesterday I actualy wrote two full chapters — and they fell far short of my usual standards and probably would’ve derailed the story a bit.

And that was no good.

The upshot, then, is that I need a little time to pull myself together and revise those.  I’m going to give myself the rest of this week off, rather than struggle to catch up or post something I’m not satisfied with.  As with the last time I had to take a week off, I’ll add the missed day to the bonus queue as “vacation day bonus chapters” — so the total number of chapters, at least, will end up being the same as if I hadn’t taken these two days off.

I am really, genuinely, deeply sorry about this — especially with the recent cliffhangering.  If I have it together enough by Friday that I’m satisfied with at least one chapter, I’ll start posting again then.  But I don’t want to commit to that while I’m in the headspace that I’m in right here and now.

Thank you for your understanding and patience,

–Eren Reverie

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  1. Micha

    Awww…. Take your time, and feel better, Eren! You do awesome work, and at an insanely fast pace compared to many others, so relax and enjoy yourself a bit. Come back when you’re fresh, and have a good day!

  2. thorbjorn42gbf

    If hugs could be send through through the internet… Get better take a few days of and drink some calmign tea, you have one of the highest chapter per week rates of the web serials I read already, don’t stress it.

  3. Syndic

    I wanted to write something, but then I read the other comments and now all I have left is “what they said” 😛

    Well, and “I don’t mind hanging on this cliff for another week if it means that what I see beyond afterwards is as awesome as the rest of this story” 🙂

    • Eren Reverie

      Thank you. 🙂 I will do my very best not to disapoint.

      To be frank, feeling like I’m letting down those of you who’ve I’ve gotten to know the personalities of through comments is probably the worst part about all of this, now. I’m really looking forward to doing some writing while I’m not feeling the stress of a deadline on top of everything that was happening unrelated to the story, so I can get back to posting chapters that meet the standards of story telling I hope that I usually manage to consistently maintain for all of you.

  4. Mila

    Hello, I’m an anonymous reader of midnight moonlight and I’ve always wanted to comment because I really love it (vampires, werewolves, magic, faeries,manga, cosplay, originality…, what’s there not to love?) but I never had the courage to.

    I’ve finally done it, because in this last post I discovered you had a blog and decided to read it, to tell you how much I admire you. I started reading midnight moonlight some months ago when I found it on the top webnovels list ( where I give my vote for it weekly, religiously ) not just because, as I’ve said before, I love the genre but because in the synopsis there was a mention about generalized anxiety disorder and lately I’ve had really hard times and because I’m young and objectively my problems aren’t that big I felt really guilty which only made the problem worse, and I love to read but I’ve never come across a fantasy novel, fiction or whatever that treated such problems so I felt identified and started reading.

    It honestly surprised me, I was so much better than what I had expected (which was a LOT)!!! Not only did you write about anxiety and mental issues (terrifically well if I may say it) but also about lesbianism, and poliandry and all those sexuality categories? (I don’t know what to call them , English is not my first language and I’m unaware of the correct denomination) and I learned so much. And then I discovered your blog and your view in life, and how it’s treated you and it helped me a lot because a lot of my friends are bisexual, or asexual, or lesbian, or gay or have less common views on sexuality than normal and it helped me understand them better as I’ve never been able to ask them about it as I’m terribly shy in one hand ,so it feels as a privacy invasion, and because in the other hand I have a communication problem so generally I mean one thing and people understand the complete opposite and I’m terrified that they misunderstand me, or I make a horrible faux pass, and they are hurt or angry at me in consequence (in that note if I’ve said something like that, or if I say it later please know that its not my intention at all, as I’ve said before I deeply admire you and in no way do I want to say something hurtful, I’m just awful at communicating ). Soo, yes, it’s helped me a lot.

    And I’ve started rambling and haven’t said yet what I wanted, because as I’ve never been brave enough to review, and I doubt I’ll be able to do it again but know that I’m there, what I want to say has builded until there’s not even a remote resemblance to order in what I’m writing (sorry about that).

    So on the next thing I wanted to talk about, money. Regretfully I’m underage and as such I do not have a steady income or even a bank account so I cannot donate or pay if you decided to sell your books but know that if I could I totally would because it’s worth it , and wonderful and you have real talent. So please do not doubt yourself, your work is worth money, you’ve earned it. I’d prefer one thousand times to wait until I have money to pay to read your stories so that you could be happy doing what you love, because the story it’s totally worth it, totally. And I know that a lot of people probably feel the same as me.

    Next, my admiration of you. It started because the aforementioned reasons but once I started reading your blog and discover more about you as a person besides the little snippets I had in the author notes it only grew, therefore pushing me into finally writing this comment. You’re an incredibly brave person: despite the difficulties you’re being true to yourself; and true bravery is doing things even in they hurt or scare you, and you do that daily. And you manage to write too!!! Simply amazing.

    And I think I’ve said all the deep important things I wanted to say so now the only thing left to end my ramblings is all those little inconsequential things not important enough to make me surpass my cronical shyness but that I guess would be nice for you to know. I totally fan girl every time there’s a mention of manga, cosplay or Japan; my favourites characters are Ben and Melvin (don’t know why, I just love them); you write so well that despite having R-rated scenes, the story is soo good I couldn’t stop reading, me, the one that still blushes when there’s a kiss on TV and has to leave the room whenever something REMOTELY embarrassing happens; I’m from Spain, a country I’ve deduced you do not live in so congratulations! you’ve managed to move the youth in foreign, maybe even transoceanical, countries.

    So I think that’s all. Thank you, you seem like an amazing person and you’ve helped me with the world and to manage my problems and I thought you may like to know that, which is why I finally wrote this. I hope I was right.

    -A person deeply touched by your story.

    PD: thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope your problems become easier and you feel better. I’d give you a hug and kowtow to you if I could.

    • Eren Reverie

      Oh wow! Thank you so much! This comment has really lifted my spirits. 🙂 I am so glad you enjoy the story. XD

      A lot of Abby’s anxiety issues are modeled after my own struggles with anxiety. When I started this story a part of my motivation was to raise awareness of severe anxiety — which so many people try to dismiss since it is an “invisible” illness. If that has helped you relate at all, then I am glad. You — and anyone who deals with anxiety — are not alone. 🙂

      If you ever have questions about anything LGBTQIA+ related (that’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisxual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual — and the + is for everything else) feel free to ask me. I’ll be happy to answer comments on any of my blogs (the journal one would be particularly good for open discussions, I think). Or, if you’d prefer the privacy of a one to one conversation, just email me at and mention the story so I know why this strange newemail address has shown up inmy inbox. 😉

      I will always keep the stories free online. 🙂 The whole point, to me, is to bring a little moreenjoyment into the lives of others. I have ebooks and a patreon account so that those who have the means and desire to support me financially can — but just knowing that youve benefited from reading my story brings me a happiness that dollars could never buy!

      So, yes, I am very glad you commented — and I hopeyou choose to again. 🙂 I like to think we’ve got a pretty friendly community going here.

      Thanks again for speaking up, and I hope you do again. Feel free to ask me questions — I’m always willing to give my perspective and understanding to anyone who wants to learn about them. Digital hugs are always welcome, and kowtows will make me blush in embarassment and back away, protesting that they aren’t necessary!

      Take care; keep safe, happy and well.

      (Oh, and I totally have to leave the room when something embarrassing happens, too — even if it’s just part of a skit on TV, haha.)

      • SpongeeJumper

        Ah! I do that! Not with kissing/sexual content, but uncomfortably awkward situations on TV will physically repel me from the couch without fail. I pretty much had to give up on watching comedy movies/tv for a while when painful awkwardness became such a fad that it seemed to outway actual jokes in the aftermath of Steve Carrel’s performance on The Office. To this day I still don’t watch comedies much…

        Anyway, more digital hugs! I can only add my own voice to the choir of appreciation and support. Do what you gotta do to take care of yourself, and the story will only be be better for it. If taking a break is what you need, I wholly endorse it.
        Your story means a lot to me.
        Thank you.

        • SpongeeJumper


        • Eren Reverie

          Haha. My wife will insist I come back if I start to retreat while she’s there. And she claims I’m the sadist?!

          It has helped a lot. As of right now I have three chapters ready for next week, and part of a fourth. I’m feeling so much more relaxed — especially since I didn’t have to push myself to write during a migraine (starting with a pressure shift Thursday night and tapering off Friday morning… which I ended up sleeping through most of after calling off at my day job, heh).

          I am really looking forward to getting the posts going again, though. 🙂 I’m always happiest when posting — I just think that sometimes I still have to take a step back and de-stress (especially when other things decide to ramp the stress in my life up). After all, even though I love it writing is still work.

  5. Micha

    Oh, you’re not letting me down! I appreciate your hard work a lot, Eren. I love your stories, and I don’t want you to overstress yourself working.

  6. I dont usually comment, but keep up the good work, just dont firgetbthat taking a short break to step back a bit is perfectly fine, this is my favorite webnovel, so again, keep up the good work XD

    • Eren Reverie

      Thank you! I’m very glad to hear that this is your favorite web serial, and that you spoke up to let me know. 🙂 Frankly, just a day without the stress of an update schedule — and getting to read all of these supportive comments! — has done an amazing amount to help restore my equilibrium. I’ve been a lot better able to handle all the non-story stress I’ve had piling up, and I’ve been feeling so much more motivated in general, because of it.

      So: thank you, and I will do my absolute best to keep making Midnight Moonlight hold up to the high standards that I think I’ve led people to expect so far. ;D

  7. i pouted when i saw this post :(! as your newest reader who read all 5 books in 3 days up till present (your novel isn’t short. i just didn’t sleep…. much.) I’ve. been. dieing. for. MORE. i love you’re way of writing and, and i have a 2 page comment i could write but i wont. i just love everything about they way you write. not only do i learn new things but i have a better insight on things i couldn’t understand being that i’m male. but i hope you feel better and i’m already excited for all these new(but unfortunate) kids. poor Hans is going to have his hands full. which led me to think…

    poor Hans. he’s never going to bone Abby is he (>_<) with how busy Abbys life has been and now all the new wolves( to be)

    • Eren Reverie

      Awww. I am genuinely sorry about the delay — this has to be the worst sort of cliffhanger for someone to catch up to the most recent chapters on! (Except maybe it would’ve been worse if you’d caught up right at those chapters where Abby gets shot in the head for like three chapters running. >.>)
      I am glad that you’ve enjoyed the story so much — and especially to hear that the story has been informative as well as entertaining. 🙂 One of the things I’ve always wanted with my work was to know that it was helping spread awareness and understanding — or, if you were one of the readers that recognized yourself in something like Abby’s anxiety, the knowledge that you weren’t alone and that other people got what it was like to deal with those sorts of things.

      I do feel a lot better for having read all of these comments. In fact, I’ve already re-written one of the chapters that I was too stressed to do justice to on Tuesday. 🙂 I’m going to try to get the other one — the one that would have been for Friday — done today, and then at least one more on the weekend. That way, going forward, I should have a nice little buffer week to make sure that if life knocks me down it won’t interrupt the update. Alas, buffers never seem to last… but here’s to the ideal, anyway! 😉

      As for Hans and Abby… Well, that would be spoilers, wouldn’t it? 😉 We’ll just have to see what the next chapters bring.

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