On recent and upcoming Post delays…

Hi everyone.

So, I hate, hate, hate this, but I totally failed to get last Friday’s chapter written.  It’s currently sitting at about 1.2k words, and I’m completely fried (even though I have decent chunks of other scenes written).

Frankly, I’ve been overworked and depressed lately (details in my  journal, for those who are interested) and the toll is making itself known through my inability to focus, get working, or keep motivated.  Fortunately, some of that — the overtime at the cubical job — is going away.  However, that just means I have a huge backlog of other stuff staring me in the face that I can’t justify letting continue to slide.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I need another stress-free recovery period.  So I’m planning on nixing scheduled updates for this week, and to focus on getting my habitat unfucked and my sleep schedule back to normal and my motivation back up, and past the caffeine withdrawal headaches I’m dealing with now that I shouldn’t be needing to caffeinate to get through the work day anymore.

In apology, here is a kitty picture.  Yes, that is me trying vainly to hide behind her.  Please don’t hate me for all the delaying!


Getting posts going regularly again is a priority for me — but I’ve seen what it does to my work when I’m burned out and depressed, and it’s not pretty.  I refuse to fuck up this story by trying to force my way through scenes (if I don’t enjoy writing them I can’t expect anyone to enjoy reading them!) and I’m not going to make myself suffer more than I have to by keeping the pressure ramped up when I’m already struggling.

Thanks for understanding, and again: I’m sorry for being so flaky.  I promise that I am doing my best to get better, so I can do better.

–Eren Reverie

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  1. Take your tIme, feel better, and see you again soon. Take care of yourself!

  2. Blari345

    I thought it might be something like this. I hope you get some rest and I look forward to seeing you post again when you are felling better.

    • Eren Reverie

      Thank you. I’ll do my best to be back swiftly, and I hope to fi d all the readers still reading whenI am, heh.

  3. I get that. I can’t write when I’m depressed either. Feel better soon.

  4. Stormblessed

    As always, your offering of cat pics appeases this member of your fan base.

    It looks so grumpy and just like “I am a cat and I want to sit on a lap not pose for a silly picture”


    Anyways, enough of my squealing over CAT!

    • Kitty looks very protective.

    • Eren Reverie

      Kitty and I were taking a nap, and woke up when Jae was taking pictures. (If I make a loop with an arm when I lie down, kitty will curl up in it for napping — you can see my fingertips there at the bottom of the photo.)

    • Eren Reverie

      Thanks. <3 Im doing pretty good today: mostly tired and a little headachy, which I blame on it being day 2 of caffeine detox. I'm hoping that part is done with quickly; having less cubicle burnout should help there, too.

  5. Cats are very comforting during depression. They get what you need when the peeps around you don’t.

    • Eren Reverie

      Mhm. Our cat takes her medi-cat duties quite seriously. You can almost always find her sitting on or next to whomever has had the roughest day. Or, alternatively, at whatwvwr spot in the apartment us the most equidistant to themost people. Or, if we have guests over, under the bed.

  6. Syndic

    What they said. Get yourself unstressed, THEN we’ll happily be here waiting 🙂

    • Eren Reverie

      Thank you. I’m really glad everyone is so understanding: I’ve seen other people struggle when the people around them don’t acknowledge their depression as something they legitimately need down time to administer self care for, and that’s really rough. :/

  7. Rob

    The nice thing about “waiting” for something like “web serial author needed a break” is that there’s actually no waiting involved at all. My email isn’t changing; tbh if you took a year off, when the notifications started up again I’d need to archive dive to remember where things were but that’s it.

    Not that I’m urging you to take a year off — I def want to see the story keep rolling. 🙂 But most readers are probably here in the boat I am, and just trust you to do what you need to do (and if that keeps MM going, you have our ongoing gratitude; if someday it doesn’t, you have our thanks for all you’ve built already).

  8. SpongeeJumper

    Late to the party, but ditto to all of the above. You are loved, you are valued, we are patient, we understand. Do what you need to do, and I hope you feel well soon. 🙂

    And keep up the good work Kitty. Nailing it.

    • Eren Reverie

      Thanks. It’s been… rough. :/ I had a long cry today. But then I pulled myself together and went to a Panera and got a smoothie and a scone and refused to leave until I had Monday’s chapter done. (And about 600 words of the next one.) Which isn’t horribly impressive since I’ve been trying to write more all week, but….

      Yeah. Forward! I am not taking off for two weeks in a row. If I did then I don’t know when I would start writing again. (Which is actually a large part of what got me to finally get off my ass and get that chapter done — I was starting to feel like I was never going to finish a book again. Bleh. Depression sucks.)

      So anyway: okay, yeah. I’m still a bit off kilter. But I’m very grateful for all the support, late or not. (I might just print off all the replies on these posts and pin them to a wall somewhere just so I can see them when I’m down.)

      And posts should resume next week.

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