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Book 3, Chapter 1

Melvin left me while I sat there, stunned. His mocking laughter echoed in my ears even though his actual departure was silent. I wasn’t sure how long I [..]

Book 3, Chapter 2

The two phonecalls I made were anticlimactic: Neither Megan nor Fumiko answered. I wasn’t terribly surprised in either case. I could only imagine what Megan was going through, [..]

Book 3, Chapter 3

When I entered the basement Hans and Fumiko were waiting on me. Hans was leaning back with his elbows on the bar — from there he could watch [..]

Book 3, Chapter 4

I stopped breathing because I stopped thinking about breathing. For a few seconds I quailed inside, and then it go to be too much for me. “Well, someone [..]

Book 3, Chapter 5

I didn’t get a chance to react. The same could not be said of Melvin. However, Melvin’s reaction was limited to a squawk of protest — that ended [..]

Book 3, Chapter 6

I was a bit too overwhelmed to figure out what to say to Hans — congratulate him on his victory? Be pissy because I could fight my own [..]

Book 3, Chapter 7

I blinked a few times while I processed that. Then I tilted my head and gave Hans a hard stare. “You’re friends with a quisling?” I asked. If [..]

Book 3, Chapter 8

My eyes squeezed shut. I tried to block out as much as I could. Part of me wanted it. The rest of me — the part of me [..]

Book 3, Chapter 9

I scurried down the hall to the guest room. My extra-keen hearing let me know that the shower was still running and Hans wasn’t following me. That gave [..]

Book 3, Chapter 10

Fortunately, John proved amenable to coming over. In fact, he seemed positively thrilled to be able to do his ‘little sister’ a favor two days in a row. [..]

Book 3, Chapter 11

When I got to the front room, I hurried to the door and opened it, taking care to keep it between myself and the outside. Fortunately, the late [..]

Book 3, Chapter 12

I held Emma for a long time. Long enough that I heard John arrive downstairs, and Hans greet him. I tried to tune out their conversation, but was [..]

Book 3, Chapter 13

I felt a little strange going downstairs with Emma on my arm. It wasn’t that I’d never been on someone’s arm myself — Hans had popped that particular [..]

Book 3, Chapter 14

The Italian place my mom had insisted we meet at wasn’t a chain restaurant. It was a small place that just exuded the ‘family business’ vibe. Specifically, in [..]

Book 3, Chapter 15

My senses were so focused in on Mom that I didn’t notice Emma had gotten up to follow me until she caught up with me. Startled, I turned [..]

Book 3, Chapter 16

After the first pulse of life rushed over me, it fell to a trickle. Calling Emma anemic wouldn’t have actually been accurate. Her blood was no thinner than [..]

Book 3, Chapter 17

For what felt like a minute, I was too horrified to move. My dad was just standing there. My first thought: What had he seen? Coming on the [..]

Book 3, Chapter 17.1 (Fumiko Bonus)

Fumiko entered Megan’s apartment first. She had insisted. Abby had told her about the elf, Melvin, waiting on Megan’s couch the night before: therefore, it stood to reason [..]

Book 3, Chapter 18

Before I could finish freaking out — before I could even really get started — Hans opened the passenger door on my side. I clamped down on everything [..]

Book 3, Chapter 19

“Mrs. Fleisher?” Hans repeated dumbly. The woman he was hugging stepped back and looked up at him. “It’s been thirty years,” she said. “I got married.” Behind Linda, [..]

Book 3, Chapter 20

The first thing I felt over Linda’s suggestion was a surge of relief. Her ‘obvious’ solution wasn’t something that depended on me, and wasn’t something I’d been neglecting [..]

Book 3, Chapter 21

Traveling by car was a nightmare. I’d already discovered this, but it was hammered in on the trip home, when someone actually did almost collide with us. According [..]

Book 3, Chapter 22

After a moment I felt Hans shift slightly to look at John. “John,” he asked, “can you run downstairs and get those headphones?” “Yeah,” John said. “Same combination?” [..]

Book 3, Chapter 23

When I woke up I didn’t know where I was.  I felt stiff and awkward, and my sleepy brain hurried to reassure me.  Don’t worry, it mumbled.  You’ve [..]

Book 3, Chapter 24

I caught up to Emma in the hallway, by the door to the outside deck. I blame the thrill of chasing and an overabundance of adrenaline, but I [..]

Book 3, Chapter 25

Before I could go into my contacts, I noticed that I had a text message. I hadn’t noticed when it arrived because it had arrived while I was [..]

Book 3, Chapter 26

“Fuck me,” I said again. Melvin is a doppelganger. Suddenly I wondered if, instead of quietly cursing to myself, I should be screaming for Hans. Except, of course, [..]

Book 3, Chapter 26.1 (Katherine Bonus)

Katherine paced in disgust. Where the hell is he, she thought angrily. It had been hours now since her familiar had perished, and he hadn’t returned yet. And [..]

Book 3, Chapter 27

After Melvin’s departure, the atmosphere in Megan’s apartment became decidedly uncomfortable. John holstered his gun, but didn’t say anything. I wondered if he was still shark-toothed behind his [..]

Book 3, Chapter 28

I jerked away from Megan without even thinking. How could I be thinking: it was unthinkable! Megan had always been the exception to my rule about personal space. [..]

Book 3, Chapter 29

I don’t know how long we spent crying. I do know that it tapered off once or twice only to reignite, but by the last round the emotional [..]

Book 3, Chapter 30

I gawked. Then the point of Melvin’s sword reminded me that he wanted an answer. “I… what? What?!” was the best I could manage. Melvin’s expression hardened. “Don’t [..]

Book 3, Chapter 31

Oh shit oh shit oh shit… While most of my conscious mind was running through that amazingly useful assessment of the situation, Melvin was taunting Eyelids. “Heavens,” Melvin [..]

Book 3, Chapter 32

I looked around the empty street once more. I was slightly disappointed that all of Mr. Eyelids’ fae had fled. I was slightly more amazed that Melvin had [..]

Book 3, Chapter 33

The chocolate helped. I made a mental note add a lot more sugar into my purse when I got home. In a relatively short time, I was back [..]

Book 3, Chapter 34

I took a half step toward the front door, then stopped and turned. Yes, my first impulse had been to go after Hans — but that would’ve been [..]

Book 3, Chapter 35

Once I had Emma tucked in bed I beat a hasty retreat. She insisted I kiss her before I leave, which actually did make me feel a bit [..]

Book 3, Chapter 36

I ran until the house was out of sight. It didn’t take as long as I would’ve thought, because I took a turn at the end of the [..]

Book 3, Chapter 37

Of course, knowing what I had to do and knowing how to do it were two entirely different things. I started walking again, more to keep moving before [..]

Book 3, Chapter 38

It didn’t take me long to realize that I was heading back toward the house. As soon as I did, I was wracked by doubts. Was I actually [..]

Book 3, Chapter 39

My hands wrapped around the goblin’s neck and I yanked him out of his perch beneath the bridge. He was small enough that he was actually smaller than [..]

Book 3, Chapter 40

Eventually, I withdrew my fangs. I felt more sated than I ever had. Even better, there was no emotional overlap. Not like with Hans or Emma, where I [..]

Book 3, Chapter 41

After the veteran’s startled pronouncement, we continued to stare at each other for a few seconds. I could feel his confusion, which confused me. Then I figured it [..]