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Book 3, Chapter 17.1 (Fumiko Bonus)

Fumiko entered Megan’s apartment first. She had insisted. Abby had told her about the elf, Melvin, waiting on Megan’s couch the night before: therefore, it stood to reason [..]

Book 3, Chapter 26.1 (Katherine Bonus)

Katherine paced in disgust. Where the hell is he, she thought angrily. It had been hours now since her familiar had perished, and he hadn’t returned yet. And [..]

Book 4, Chapter 0: Daniel bonus

Daniel Stuessy had been called many things in his life, but ‘stupid’ was not often one of them — and for good reason. As soon as Abigail disappeared [..]

Book 4, Chapter 15.1 (Daniel Bonus 3)

Henry paid the driver without looking at the number of bills or the numbers on them. He was far past caring: it had been a brutally stormy day, [..]

Book 4, Chapter 27.1 (Daniel Bonus 4)

When sanity returned, it arrived like a lens suddenly snapping everything into focus. Daniel recoiled, stepping back and straightening from where he’d found himself. “What the hell am [..]

Book 4, Chapter 27.2 (Thomas Bonus)

After hanging up on his call, Thomas Cullison returned to the guest room and stood in the corner of the room while everyone else either sat or laid [..]

Book 4, Chapter 27.3 (Terry Bonus 1)

Teresa Bailey — ‘Terry’ to her friends, since Teresa was a name for old ladies and nuns, neither of which she was — leapt to her feet as [..]

Book 4, Chapter 33.1 (William Bonus)

William was in the passenger seat. It made sense to him, of course: it was Benjamin’s car, after all, and when a potential high speed chase could break [..]

Book 4, Chapter 33.2 (Patrick Bonus)

Patrick was furious. He paced along the side of the road impatiently. To distract himself, he slipped a hand into his pocket to check the amulet he carried. [..]

Book 4, Chapter 36.1 (Valerie)

Valerie’s fangs withdrew silently, but her long, contented exhalation was easily audible. The man she’d just fed from had been… thirst quenching. He’d had a deeper aura than [..]

Book 4, Chapter 39.1 (Terry)

Terry covered the door to the guest bedroom with her shotgun. Her arms ached from holding it in position, even though she’d only raised it when Lewellan had [..]

Book 5, Chapter 5.1 (Reid)

After the bedroom door closed behind him, Reid took a half-second to evaluate his most recent encounter with his liege.  It wasn’t difficult for him to wrap his [..]

Book 5, Chapter 8.1 (Jeremy)

Jeremy winced when he got out of his dad’s truck: mostly because the long step down jostled his arm.  He wiped the pained expression from his face immediately, [..]

Book 5, Chapter 27 (John)

John squinted when he got out of his car, despite the fact that he was wearing shades. But even though the sun was — as it had been [..]

Book 5, Chapter 31

After a moment, Pipsqueak looked up from my crumpled remains. “So,” he asked someone who was outside my awareness. “You were there this morning. Do you think she [..]

Book 5, Chapter 34

I spent the remainder of the drive psychically chatting with Reid, which was actually quite pleasant. He explained to me that the ‘zombie ghosts’ we’d encountered at the [..]

Book 5, Chapter 36

Hearing Megan refer to ‘her kingdom’ was a little surreal. It probably didn’t help that she wasn’t dressed up like a faerie queen. Instead, she looked like she [..]

Book 5, Chapter 43 (Kelson)

Kelson looked up when he heard the knock at his office door. It wasn’t yet dark out, so the club was quieter than usual when he was awake: [..]

Book 5, Chapter 50 (Shantaya)

Shantaya entered the pew from the opposite end as Jeremy and then sidled along it until she could sit down next to him. He was seated at the [..]