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Book 7, Chapter 1 (Charles)

Charles Fleisher was on the phone.  And he did not like what he was hearing. “…which is why you are not to egress to the new facility,” his [..]

Book 7, Chapter 2

Cassie shook my arm, pulling me out of my shocked stupor. “I’m going back after them,” she said. “Doctor Lin is misunderstanding something — maybe I can explain [..]

Book 7, Chapter 3

For just a second Ben’s fingers brushed the fur of Jockboy’s wolf, catching its attention. It followed him when he turned and strode toward the vans. A moment [..]

Book 7, Chapter 4

While Ben was starting up the van I approached one of the apartment complex’s dark buildings. The wolves seemed content to follow me, with Shantaya and her sister’s [..]

Book 7, Chapter 5

I was a little stunned that Hans’ wolf had provided such a… eloquent? …reply. It was a far cry from the emotional demands of ‘kill, eat, fuck.’ that [..]