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Book 1, Chapter 1

I have issues with a lot of things, but claustrophobia isn’t one of them.  In fact, I consider waking up buried under blankets, a comforter, the poofy green [..]

Book 1, Chapter 2

I am not bothered by small or enclosed spaces.  The same cannot be said of large open ones, so the parking lot is not really the sort of [..]

Book 1, Chapter 3

Megan and I work in publishing.  It’s not a large publishing house, but it seems to do a fair amount of business: mostly small-press fiction and cookbooks.  But [..]

Book 1, Chapter 4

Megan came to get me about five minutes before the all hands meeting started.  It was a good thing, too: she startled me out of speculating as to [..]

Book 1, Chapter 5

The meeting broke up pretty quickly after that.  Hans was pinned down by a line of people who wanted to introduce themselves.  Mr. Salvatore seemed to fade into [..]

Book 1, Chapter 6

Hans’ gaze bounced back and forth between Megan and myself.  Since she was practically draped across my desk with her arms around me and her lips just about [..]

Book 1, Chapter 7

When I ventured out for lunch Hans was blessedly absent.  Megan was sitting at her desk, though, with her legs tucked up beside her.  She’d spun her office [..]

Book 1, Chapter 8

The rest of the afternoon went by in a blur of wild speculation, nerves, and paranoia.  Even the copious amount of manga I had waiting for translation didn’t [..]

Book 1, Chapter 9

I don’t really know what to do with makeup, but Megan does.  She sat me down at the kitchen table, and then bemoaned the fact that most of [..]

Book 1, Chapter 10

When we got inside it turned out that the restaurant was a nice, sit-down steak house.  Okay, so I’m a fast-food girl myself, and I wasn’t really familiar [..]

Book 1, Chapter 11

The restroom, when I got to it, was blessedly unoccupied.  It was also small – intended for single use – and had a deadbolt.  So I locked myself [..]

Book 1, Chapter 12

Sarah did Hans one better and found a couple of bags for all our boxes.  I’m pretty sure Hans added a tip to the check when he paid [..]

Book 1, Chapter 13

This time dinner went smoother.  Since all of our food was already there we didn’t waste time trying to make awkward conversation or getting nibbled on.  And Hans [..]

Book 1, Chapter 14

I think I may have mentioned that I’m a dog person.  Even if it’s a breed with a bad reputation, like pit bulls, a dog that has been [..]

Book 1, Chapter 15

When I stopped needing the bag to breathe right I uncurled and rolled over to face Hans.  Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say I flopped [..]

Book 1, Chapter 16

For a minute I stared at Hans and tried to wrap my head around what he was telling me about Mr. Salvatore – and I sort of got [..]

Book 1, Chapter 17

I awoke to the smell of bacon.  It was followed by the sense of confusion: had someone broken into my apartment and decided to make themselves breakfast while [..]

Book 1, Chapter 18

After reconsidering and turning a second deadbolt I stacked my change of clothes on the edge of the sink and moved my washcloth into the shower.  Then I [..]

Book 1, Chapter 19

After Hans left I redid all the locks and hastily changed my blouse.  Then, because Megan was due to arrive at any minute, I grabbed my jacket, my [..]

Book 1, Chapter 20

When we arrived at work I was relieved to see that neither Mr. Salvatore’s sports car nor Hans’ civilian issue APC were in the parking lot.  I needed [..]

Book 1, Chapter 21

I was still freaking out when Jimmy barged into my office with my printouts.  Except it wasn’t Jimmy with my book, it was Hans. “Hello,” he said from [..]

Book 1, Chapter 22

After Hans left I sat back down by the door.  Sure, my desk had been certified goblin-free, but I wanted to make sure I was in a position [..]

Book 1, Chapter 23

When I got in line Megan was already sitting down – at a booth this time – and Hans was ordering what I suspected was going to be [..]

Book 1, Chapter 24

I’ll admit I was in a bit of a rush to leave at the end of the day.  Mr. Salvatore’s car hadn’t moved, and I had a suspicion [..]

Book 1, Chapter 25

By the time we pulled into the mall parking lot I had already struggled not to hyperventilate and won.  In fact, I had achieved a sort of zen-ish [..]

Book 1, Chapter 26

We hit three more stores before Megan decided we needed to head back to her place and dress for the evening.  The second was another clothing boutique – [..]

Book 1, Chapter 27

While I threw my clothes in the drier Megan went into her room to get her own outfit together.  Once the drier was going I joined her.  I [..]

Book 1, Chapter 28

Megan parked in a little pay lot down the street from the club.  On our way out she waved to the rather elderly guard on duty at the [..]

Book 1, Chapter 29

I was completely off balance, emotionally and physically – thank you, jackass who invented heels – when Emma stopped at the edge of the dance floor.  She looked [..]

Book 1, Chapter 30

When we got to the bar I was disappointed to see no sign of Megan or Katherine.   I was further disa… Relieved.  I was also relieved to see [..]

Book 1, Chapter 31

I stared at Emma for a moment.  Then I reached over, picked up my water bottle, and downed the rest of it.  When I didn’t pass out, I [..]

Book 1, Chapter 32

Katherine glared at us from outside the booth.  She bristled with fury.  “Abigail,” Katherine snarled, “we need to talk.  Now.” I gaped at her.  I felt like a [..]

Book 1, Chapter 33

I got outside without having to meet anyone’s gaze.  I could still feel them staring at me, though.  There’s something monstrous about any crowd of strangers.  Suffering judgment [..]

Book 1, Chapter 34

Katherine shook me again.  “This is your fault,” she snarled – but then Emma stepped in front of me, forcing Katherine to let go. “Hey, calm down,” Emma [..]

Book 1, Chapter 35

“Fuck off and die.”  Katherine’s parting words rang in my ears, but the images that swam in front of my eyes had nothing to do with her.  Usually [..]

Book 1, Chapter 36

I didn’t know what to expect, so I was expecting anything.  I got it, too. The shadows roiled and flickered, disgorging hunch-backed monstrosities with horns and wings and… [..]

Book 1, Chapter 37

Mr. Tophat’s other eyebrow raised.  “Why, you spicy little jawbreaker,” he exclaimed in evident admiration.  “If that’s how you’d like to play it then I am more than [..]

Book 1, Chapter 38

Hans cut into the left-hand lane and parked in front of Megan’s car, so that his Hummer was next to me – and facing the wrong way down [..]

Book 1, Chapter 39

If you’ve ever seen a final battle between good and evil in a movie, this was nothing like that.  Mr. Salvatore didn’t engage Hans with the stylized violence [..]

Book 1, Chapter 40

My army of fae laid into Mr. Salvatore with abandon.  I don’t know what I thought would happen – I’d hoped that they would overwhelm him immediately.  From [..]

Book 1, Chapter 41

I don’t know how long it took me to pull myself together.  I think it wasn’t until my runaway thoughts got through despair and came out on the [..]

Book 1, Chapter 42

I tried not to gawk.  How the hell had Mr. Stalker Creep known about Megan’s feelings for me when I hadn’t? “You- That’s- No, she doesn’t,” I stammered.  [..]

Book 1, Chapter 43

Mr. Salvatore’s fangs didn’t really hurt. The rest of his teeth did. Then his bite tore a hole through my soul, and trivial things like agony ceased to [..]

Book 1, Chapter 44

Mr. Salvatore carried me to the bed and sat down.  He didn’t loosen his grip or take his hand from my mouth.  “I was suspicious, you know,” he [..]

Book 1, Chapter 45

Mr. Salvatore dropped me and twisted around to face Mr. Tophat.  I landed on my hands and knees, coughing and gasping for breath. “An elf,” Mr. Salvatore hissed.  [..]

Book 1, Chapter 46

I don’t know how long I was out.  Minutes?  Hours?  For a second I was just confused that the world had come back; that I wasn’t dead.  But [..]

Book 1, Chapter 47

It wasn’t like the movies.  There wasn’t a satisfying rip of cloth as I whisked the curtains down like a stage magician with a table cloth.  The curtains [..]

Book 1, Chapter 48

My head was reeling.  This couldn’t be happening.  What was happening?  How?! My back was seared with pain – pain and sunlight.  I was dimly aware that while [..]