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Book 2, Chapter 1

It had been, if I may be permitted an understatement, one hell of a year.  I’d gotten a boyfriend.  His name was Hans and he was a werewolf.  [..]

Book 2, Chapter 2

The paramedics arrived on the heels of the firefighters and I gave up my hold on Megan to let them take her.  In fact, I insisted she let [..]

Book 2, Chapter 3

I don’t know if Hans realized how big a deal it was for me to ask him that.  Can I go home with you?  I’d only known him [..]

Book 2, Chapter 4

I turned away from Emma and stared at my hands, folded over each other on my hip.  What happened?  I didn’t even know where to start.  My disastrous [..]

Book 2, Chapter 5

Emma’s eyes went wide in immediate understanding of what I’d really meant.  That should have been enough to get her on her feet and bolting out of the [..]

Book 2, Chapter 6

The glare in the parking lot made me squint and shield my eyes with one arm.  It also made my skin start to itch.  Hans moved so I [..]

Book 2, Chapter 7

Start with your bedroom.  Had I actually said that?  Panic received a large reinforcement from shame, mortification and embarrassment.  ‘It’s only been two days since your first real [..]

Book 2, Chapter 8

  The master bedroom, when we got to it, was clearly Mr. Salvatore’s room.  It was meticulously organized, with solid wooden furniture and a muted color scheme.  It [..]

Book 2, Chapter 9

Hans held me while I bawled my eyes out.  He knelt on the floor beside my chair with his arms around me and I wept into his shoulder.  [..]

Book 2, Chapter 10

After Fumiko hung up I numbly put my phone aside.  I wanted to go back to relaxing, but I was already too wound up.  I let myself sink [..]

Book 2, Chapter 11

When I woke up I was alone.  That was just as well, because at some point in my tossing and turning under the covers the belt to Emma’s [..]

Book 2, Chapter 12

After a minute slipped by in which Emma and I just looked at each other I was compelled to break the silence.  “So,” I said awkwardly, “Did you [..]

Book 2, Chapter 13

Once I got to the bathroom I dropped the backpack, closed the door, locked it, and collapsed back against it.  I sagged down toward the floor.  I tried [..]

Book 2, Chapter 14

  Emma’s lips pressed over mine in a brief, fierce kiss.  She pulled away almost immediately.  Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. I was willing to bet my unlife [..]

Book 2, Chapter 15

When I heard Hans’ sneakers padding downstairs I broke off kissing Emma.  I gave the stairwell door a meaningful glance so she would know what was up and [..]

Book 2, Chapter 16

It turned out that there was a microwave and popcorn stashed under the bar.  Emma went and prepared some, then came back and gave me the bowl to [..]

Book 2, Chapter 17

For a minute I just sat in stunned shock.  My girlfriend was a witch?  There was a sorority for witches at my alma mater?  I almost wanted to [..]

Book 2, Chapter 18

Lunch was cold cut sandwiches, chips and soda.  Despite my earlier protestations, I did give Hans bonus points for including condiments.  They didn’t get me turned on, though, [..]

Book 2, Chapter 19

Hans reacted first.  He bolted past me and across the basement while my fight or flight instincts were still trying to turn on.  Emma had screamed.  She’d sounded [..]

Book 2, Chapter 20

I stared while John left.  I just stood there while Hans closed the door and righted the table and picked up the chairs and fixed the mess I’d [..]

Book 2, Chapter 21

Hans left his seat and came to my side.  He knelt beside me.  Then he offered me his arm. My awareness of his heartbeat – and Emma’s – [..]

Book 2, Chapter 22

As soon as I got in the hall I stopped breathing so I wouldn’t start hyperventilating.  That was such a handy trick!  It was arguably the best part [..]

Book 2, Chapter 23

After dinner Hans decided it was dark enough for me to go out.  I was both relieved and anxious.  Relieved because going shopping meant I’d actually be getting [..]

Book 2, Chapter 24

It was a good thing we were by shoes because I abruptly needed to sit.  My pulse and breathing both raced – Hans clearly remembered this morning.  So [..]

Book 2, Chapter 25

Hans pushed the cart and followed Emma and I to the checkout counter.  It was late enough that there were only two open, but there wasn’t a line.  [..]

Book 2, Chapter 26

Mr. Tophat’s greeting jarred me out of my shocked state.  Or, at least, it jarred the part of me that takes over when I need to interact with [..]

Book 2, Chapter 27

I forced myself to stop breathing so I could properly gawk at Mr. Tophat.  “What?”  I blurted. He sat on his heels and waved a hand.  “I did [..]

Book 2, Chapter 28

When we got home I still felt wide awake.  Emma looked peaked, though, and even Hans seemed a little worn.  I was somewhat startled by the realization that [..]

Book 2, Chapter 29

The basement wasn’t really that creepy.  Thanks to my vampire vision, I didn’t even need to turn on the lights to see.  I turned them on anyway, though, [..]

Book 2, Chapter 30

I sat up straight.  Mom’s declaration jolted me out of my guilt and shame spiral.  “No need,” I babbled.  Go home?  “It’s okay.  You and dad don’t need [..]

Book 2, Chapter 31

I don’t know how long I was like that – falling apart while everything else was fixed in place; frozen in time.  I’m not even sure that a [..]

Book 2, Chapter 32

I got up and continued to pace while I waited for the washer to finish.  I might’ve gone back into the utility room to watch for it to [..]

Book 2, Chapter 33

 My fangs punched effortlessly through Emma’s skin.  My teeth did not.  I bit down hard, and Emma screamed in pain.  I let go, but only so I could [..]

Book 2, Chapter 34

 “Hey,” Emma said.  When I proved too nauseous from worry to reply, she slipped her arms free of her tank top’s straps and fumbled for me.  I wondered [..]

Book 2, Chapter 35

Hans went to fetch his phone out of the pile of clothes next to the loveseat.  I reflexively hugged Emma a little tighter, but then I forced myself [..]

Book 2, Chapter 36

I sat up straight again when I heard Emma announce: “Okay, I’m decent.  You can turn around now.”  I twisted around to look at her.  She was wearing [..]

Book 2, Chapter 37

I waited for John to come to the door, but opened it before he could knock. I blame anxiety. John’s brows arched. “Going for the all-knowing, super-aware vibe, [..]

Book 2, Chapter 38

I’d thought Mr. Salvatore had been making up a story to explain himself to the Directors when he’d accused me of being in league with the fae and [..]

Book 2, Chapter 39

I swallowed. Emma. Right. That was what I’d wanted to ask John about to begin with. “I… crap, I don’t know how to start this,” I said. I [..]

Book 2, Chapter 40

It turned out that there were only a couple dozen vampire clans in the states. Most of them had only five or six vampire members. The rest of [..]

Book 2, Chapter 41

I yelped and scrambled to disentangle myself from Emma. I lost track of John’s conversation under the noise of my own reaction, but that was almost a relief. [..]

Book 2, Chapter 42

Without anxiety-induced snafus to get in the way, breakfast went smoothly. Hans and Emma made the last two trips to the basement. Hans had swapped his apron for [..]

Book 2, Chapter 43

Hans paused in his cleaning and even Emma seemed to be abruptly paying more attention to me. I waved my hands hastily as though that could clear the [..]

Book 2, Chapter 44

Hans proved amenable to my plan – perhaps even eager for the excuse not to cut our flirtation short. He stepped up to me again and leaned in [..]

Book 2, Chapter 45

Once I’d agreed to Hans’ amendment to my afternoon plans he let me go and stepped past me to get to his shirt. I squawked in protest as [..]

Book 2, Chapter 46

I felt like Hans’ simple statement had knocked the wind out of me. He thought, from how I’d handled myself in the past couple days, I might’ve made [..]

Book 2, Chapter 47

I brought the phone up to my ear and tried to convince my heartbeat to calm down. “Hello?” I said. It sounded inane to me — anticlimactic in [..]

Book 2, Chapter 48

For a minute I just stared at the phone. Well, shit, I thought. Then I called Hans. He answered right after the first ring. “Hello, Abigail,” he said. [..]

Book 2, Chapter 49

In an instant I felt the blood drain from my face. Not because of the malice in Katherine’s words — though I felt a stunned disbelief that after [..]

Book 2, Chapter 50

Megan kept staring at me with that hurt expression, like she didn’t know what was going on. It would have been heart-wrenching if I’d had a beating heart [..]

Book 2, Chapter 51

Mr. Eyelids. He’d been the leader of the pack of fae who’d attacked me New Year’s Eve. They’d terrorized me with their sinister appearance and proposed tortures — [..]

Book 2, Chapter 52

A moment seemed to stretch toward infinity while Melvin stared at me. I stared back, trying to divine the thoughts hiding behind his cat-slit eyes. Had I been [..]