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Book 4, Chapter 0: Daniel bonus

Daniel Stuessy had been called many things in his life, but ‘stupid’ was not often one of them — and for good reason. As soon as Abigail disappeared [..]

Book 4, Chapter 1

The Director. My mind seemed to speed up, or the world slowed down — maybe I was unconsciously playing with time to give my thoughts room to catch [..]

Book 4, Chapter 2

While following Lewellan down to the basement, I tried desperately to marshal the defense I would lay out.  It should’ve been pretty straightforward:  I’d over-fed on Hans because [..]

Book 4, Chapter 3

Director Lewellan’s eyes were dispassionate as he met my gaze. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking, but the paranoid part of me — fueled by my grasp [..]

Book 4, Chapter 4

A ghoul. Having to eat dead human flesh to keep on living? I felt a shiver creep through me, and fought to suppress it. I mean, if you [..]

Book 4, Chapter 5

We left soon after that. I managed to pick myself up off the floor. Lewellan had gone back to watching Emma; ignoring me. Hans turned and stepped out [..]

Book 4, Chapter 6

While my body ran toward Megan’s home, my mind was racing in another direction. How were we going to get back to Mr. Salvatore’s house? Fumiko had a [..]

Book 4, Chapter 7

I didn’t know where Fumiko was taking us, just that it was away from Megan’s house. I kept trying to see if moving around made any change in [..]

Book 4, Chapter 8

For a moment, silence greeted Fumiko’s knock. Well, near silence: I knew my dad was in the room, because I could hear him breathing and his heart beating [..]

Book 4, Chapter 9

I hovered like a disembodied spirit while Fumiko brought my dad up to speed. I was impressed by how succinctly she laid out the facts — at least, [..]

Book 4, Chapter 10

By the time I wrapped my head around the idea that Dad was serious, it was too late for protests.  I couldn’t really marshal any, anyway: so I [..]

Book 4, Chapter 11

“Right,” I said. “Text only.” Not that a vampire wouldn’t hear a text being received or sent. And wouldn’t that mean leaving a written record of our plans [..]

Book 4, Chapter 12

I was pulled out of my reverie when a phone rang in the other room.  It was my phone: I’d been an anxious wreck while waiting for that [..]

Book 4, Chapter 12.1 (Daniel Bonus, part 2)

Daniel woke up with a start. He jerked and twisted around, and almost had his knife out before he remembered where he was. The Library. He grunted, then [..]

Book 4, Chapter 13

If the universe had any sense of dramatic timing, someone would’ve burst through the door to grab us just as we were getting ready to leave the room. [..]

Book 4, Chapter 14

I ran to the back bumper of the truck while Fumiko scrambled to drag the first thug toward me and Dad grabbed the one who’d been kicking him [..]

Book 4, Chapter 15

While I was marching Mr. Spiky out to meet Fumiko, I surreptitiously spat the bits of broken teeth Mr. Spiky had given me into my palm. If Lewellan [..]

Book 4, Chapter 15.1 (Daniel Bonus 3)

Henry paid the driver without looking at the number of bills or the numbers on them. He was far past caring: it had been a brutally stormy day, [..]

Book 4, Chapter 16

After my third utterance of ‘oh my god,’ I gave up on trying to explain to Mr. Spiky. I didn’t really want to, anyway: for the moment he [..]

Book 4, Chapter 17

“I… buh… I don’t believe it,” Mr. Spiky choked out. I glared at him. Fumiko’s arms tightened angrily around me and she glared too. “Well, too bad,” I [..]

Book 4, Chapter 18

For an instant, I felt like I was frozen, too — like time wasn’t moving for anyone or anything. Not the bullet, not myself. As though I were [..]

Book 4, Chapter 19

For a brief instant I was in shock. I heard the shotgun blast that effectively took off my head, and it took that stunned moment for me to [..]

Book 4, Chapter 20

Justin didn’t stand a chance. I crept up behind him and he was none the wiser: there weren’t even any of those rune circled disks between us to [..]

Book 4: Chapter 21

Fumiko’s blood washed over my lips and her essence rushed into me. It was different than Hans’ or Emma’s or Megan’s. Everyone had a unique taste, I decided, [..]

Book 4, Chapter 21.1 (Megan Bonus)

For the hundredth time that night, Megan tried to use the ‘meditation breathing’ Fumiko had taught her to get her emotions under control. Don’t give away what you’re [..]

Book 4, Chapter 22

I was grateful for the distraction of looking for John. It saved me from dwelling on my conversation with Fumiko, or the fact that Dad had overheard it, [..]

Book 4, chapter 23

My first reaction was — as had become an instinctive reflex for me — to freeze time. Unfortunately, between John and Fumiko that left me completely frozen, too. [..]

Book 4, Chapter 24

I’d thought I was being smart. I’d positioned myself to redirect the SUV, rather than standing directly in its path and trying to stop it. I hadn’t wanted [..]

Book 4, Chapter 25

Blood. Warm, delicious life. I drank greedily, fangs implanted in my victim’s neck. I must have at least nicked his jugular because his blood flowed freely, coming in [..]

Book 4, Chapter 26

I’ve been hurt worse in my life. Like, if there was a way to accurately quantify pain then being burned alive by the sun would have trumped having [..]

Book 4, Chapter 27

The back of Derrick’s van was crowded. Justin was in the front, driving. I’d given him directions to Kallaher’s Funerary Services — to the extent that I had [..]

Book 4, Chapter 27.1 (Daniel Bonus 4)

When sanity returned, it arrived like a lens suddenly snapping everything into focus. Daniel recoiled, stepping back and straightening from where he’d found himself. “What the hell am [..]

Book 4, Chapter 27.2 (Thomas Bonus)

After hanging up on his call, Thomas Cullison returned to the guest room and stood in the corner of the room while everyone else either sat or laid [..]

Book 4, Chapter 27.3 (Terry Bonus 1)

Teresa Bailey — ‘Terry’ to her friends, since Teresa was a name for old ladies and nuns, neither of which she was — leapt to her feet as [..]

Book 4, Chapter 28

After Thomas hung up on Benjamin, it occurred to me that we should probably try to contact Fumiko and Dad. I wanted to make sure we were all [..]

Book 4, Chapter 29

John and Mr. Kallaher led us into a somberly appointed front room. It was almost more hallway than room, really, except it was too wide to be considered [..]

Book 4, Chapter 30

For a tense moment I thought Mr. Kallaher was going to refuse to help just because we had a plan he couldn’t shoot down — but that turned [..]

Book 4, Chapter 31

It was Benjamin who finally broke the unhappy silence that had fallen over us. First he cleared his throat. Then, once he’d gotten my eye, he said: “So… [..]

Book 4, Chapter 32

Mr. Kallaher looked the building over once and snorted. “I’ll go wait in the car,” he said. “I doubt that someone my age wandering into an establishment like [..]

Book 4, Chapter 33

Some people try to ignore bad things in the hopes that they will go away. I don’t. I try to ignore bad things in the hopes that I [..]

Book 4, Chapter 33.1 (William Bonus)

William was in the passenger seat. It made sense to him, of course: it was Benjamin’s car, after all, and when a potential high speed chase could break [..]

Book 4, Chapter 33.2 (Patrick Bonus)

Patrick was furious. He paced along the side of the road impatiently. To distract himself, he slipped a hand into his pocket to check the amulet he carried. [..]

Book 4, Chapter 34

I shoved Bonbon into the furthest back unoccupied booth I could see and then yanked the curtain shut behind us.  She cried out as the force of being [..]

Book 4, Chapter 35

We hurried out of the club. On our way to the door I saw a bunch of people clustered around three guys — one of whom was Bob, [..]

Book 4, Chapter 36

Aaron was the shortest of the three bouncers: A squat, burly man of around forty with lots of curly red hair. I couldn’t see anything obviously wrong about [..]

Book 4, Chapter 36.1 (Valerie)

Valerie’s fangs withdrew silently, but her long, contented exhalation was easily audible. The man she’d just fed from had been… thirst quenching. He’d had a deeper aura than [..]

Book 4, Chapter 37

Kelvin cleared his throat, catching Fumiko’s attention. “Jamie may be bound by debts into your service now,” he said a little stiffly, “but they’re still my friend. Keep [..]

Book 4, Chapter 38

Mr. Kallaher was waiting in the hearse with the windows down and the radio on when we reached him. He jumped when Fumiko walked in front of the [..]

Book 4, Chapter 39

“We have to go to Mr. Salvatore’s house.” The words rolled off my tongue without thought: my response was immediate and final. Rescuing Megan was something that had [..]

Book 4, Chapter 39.1 (Terry)

Terry covered the door to the guest bedroom with her shotgun. Her arms ached from holding it in position, even though she’d only raised it when Lewellan had [..]

Book 4, Chapter 40

Having my eye on Lewellan’s leyline gave me one advantage immediately: I could tell that he was still approaching right up until the instant that he wasn’t. It [..]

Book 4, Chapter 41

The damage to my head was too much for my curse to handle. Really, the damage I’d inflicted on myself when I’d popped a vertebrae in my neck [..]

Book 4, Chapter 42

I have to admit: Lewellan got a grip on his reaction a lot faster than I would have in his place. His eyes narrowed sharply and he actually [..]

Book 4, Chapter 43

Lewellan’s geas tore into my soul. It was a barbed spike that ripped into me — but it was meant to hook into the diffuse auras of mortals. [..]

Book 4, Chapter 44

I’d won. Lewellan lay dormant at my feet. I won? I didn’t believe it. It’s a trap, my paranoid side screamed. He’s going to get up and grab you. [..]

Book 4, Chapter 45

When we left, Daniel was kind enough to insist that I sit up front so I wouldn’t have to share space with Director Lewellan’s corpse. Terry asked to [..]

Book 4, Chapter 46

I’m not sure how long we hugged. I do know that Daniel quietly addressed the other two witches in the room. “Anna? Jessica? I reckon we should give [..]

Book 4, Chapter 47

The blinding light and the pain were two entirely separate things that happened to occur simultaneously. Of the two, the pain was worse — it was a pain that afflicted [..]

Book 4, Chapter 48

“Lord Archarel!” Mr. Eyelids called out. He wasn’t talking to me anymore. “Lord Archarel, your humble servant calls for your attention. Lord Archarel, I have a gift you [..]

Book 4, Chapter 48.1 (Megan)

Megan turned easily through the steps of the dance. That had been the deal she’d been forced to strike with Archarel: he would treat Fumiko and her companion [..]

Book 4, Chapter 49

Sir Etienne didn’t waste time letting the other fae be amazed by his deductive reasoning. Almost as soon as he finished explaining how he knew I was a [..]

Book 4, Chapter 50

For a second I was afraid that Pipsqueak didn’t recognize me, and was going to tear out my aura without even realizing that he shouldn’t. He was still [..]

Book 4, Chapter 51

Sinking my fangs into Etienne’s neck was an exercise in ecstasy. His heart beat like a rabbit’s, pumping shadowy faerie blood out for my indulgence. I reveled in [..]

Book 4, Chapter 52

Sebastian did an admirable job with my dress. It was robin egg blue, with lace trim in a deeper shade. Most notably, it covered me quite thoroughly, leaving [..]

Book 4, Chapter 53

The voice that had interrupted us belonged to an actual faerie; a man who had literally materialized in the throne beside Orlina. I glanced at him despite myself: [..]

Book 4, Chapter 54

I slapped my hands against Archarel’s chest and tried to push myself away, but to no avail. I managed to drive myself backward an inch, maybe two, along [..]

Book 4, Chapter 55

Archarel’s laughter blasted my ears, but since my aura was full — literally — to bursting I had perfect control over my supernatural senses. So I ignored Archarel [..]

Book 4, Chapter 56

I sat up with a gasp.  My fangs shrank back, but my aura was still messed up and after getting hit with a moment’s anxiety — what did [..]

Book 4, Chapter 57

My question was answered with silence.  I swept a glare through Archarel’s faeries and then nodded.  “Good,” I muttered.  I turned to Megan and Fumiko.  “We should go [..]

Book 4, Chapter 58

Reid led the way to one of the portals.  We were escorted under the heavy guard of everyone who had come through from the mortal realm, but even [..]

Book 4, Chapter 59

I wasn’t waiting long before everyone else had cleared out, leaving Megan, Fumiko, Emma, Bonbon and I to ourselves.  Sort of.  Megan was focused primarily on Emma.  After [..]