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Book 5, Chapter 0 (Hans)

Hans came to slowly.  Pain befuddled his senses: sharp, agonizing spikes interlacing the layers of ache that made up his body.  He groaned when he opened his eyes, [..]

Book 5, Chapter 1

While I followed Melvin my mind whirled in about a half dozen different directions.  Not being in a mad panic was nice, but rather than making it easier [..]

Book 5, Chapter 2

The transition between my living point of view to the semi-omniscience of being dormant was only disorienting because I hadn’t been expecting to pass out.  I felt a [..]

Book 5, Chapter 3

I fed eagerly from Reid’s wrist, and with his blood came life  — and a wave of insight into Reid’s emotions.  Weirdly, he was happy.  Apparently he’d followed [..]

Book 5, Chapter 4

The knock at the door caught me entirely by surprise.  It shouldn’t have since my senses were on high alert, but I’d been so focused inward I hadn’t [..]

Book 5, Chapter 5

With Sebastian gone, there wasn’t much left for me to do except go downstairs and face the music.  Or, at least, face the inevitably intense awkwardness with Ben.  [..]

Book 5, Chapter 5.1 (Reid)

After the bedroom door closed behind him, Reid took a half-second to evaluate his most recent encounter with his liege.  It wasn’t difficult for him to wrap his [..]

Book 5, Chapter 6

Once I’d pushed in the last dresser drawer I rose and returned to the bed.  I glanced down at my clothes — both the ones I was wearing [..]

Book 5, Chapter 7

John’s words washed over me like a haze.  Or maybe it was more like they washed over me and brought a haze: for a moment my thoughts were [..]

Book 5, Chapter 8

My mouth opened, then closed, then opened again without letting any words out.  I did manage to squeak, but that just made Ben look amused and hungry.  Which [..]

Book 5, Chapter 8.1 (Jeremy)

Jeremy winced when he got out of his dad’s truck: mostly because the long step down jostled his arm.  He wiped the pained expression from his face immediately, [..]

Book 5, Chapter 9

After a few minutes I took a deep breath and stood.  I couldn’t keep sitting, as much as I wanted to: not when Ben would be showing up [..]

Book 5, Chapter 10 (Hans)

After his shower, Hans felt almost human again.  Shifting without having had the time to strip first was never pleasant: contrary to the movies, clothes didn’t just tear [..]

Book 5, Chapter 11

I wasn’t pacing for long before Ben showed up. The elevator dinged and I whirled around. Sure enough Benjamin stepped out. He caught my gaze and smiled. It [..]

Book 5, Chapter 12

This time I was the one thrown off balance.  Part of me started panicking hard: Ben’s kiss caught me so much by surprise that I was forced to [..]

Book 5, Chapter 13

Dad is coming in here?!  I had less than an instant to panic about the overheard phone call, but it was enough to make me freeze completely.  Then, [..]

Book 5, Chapter 14

We sat awkwardly for a while.  Me at the head of the bed, Dad at the foot.  Having said her piece, Valerie returned to her corner.  I started to [..]

Book 5, Chapter 15

I eyed Valerie dubiously.  On the one hand, I didn’t know her, didn’t know if I could trust her, had no idea what her motives were.  On the [..]

Book 5, Chapter 16

Valerie and I talked for hours.  Well, I talked.  Valerie listened.  I still wasn’t sure that opening up to her was a good idea, but…  Well: fuck it.  [..]

Book 5, Chapter 17

“Think nothing of it,” Valerie said even as the weave reacted to my admission of debt and sent pinpricks of a geas running across the surface of my [..]

Book 5 Chapter18 (Megan)

Megan stretched languidly and let out a small groan before relaxing back into her her seat.  “I think I need a break,” she declared to the room at [..]

Book 5, Chapter 19

Before I could say or do anything about the stranger with fangs behind him, Ben spoke up and stole my attention. “Abigail,” he gasped, and my name seemed [..]

Book 5, Chapter 20

I followed my shaky proclamation by suddenly scrambling for the bathroom. Ben yelped as I shoved him out of the way, and I stumbled into the doorframe when [..]

Book 5, Chapter 21

Of course, I couldn’t actually sleep. Not with two vampires in the room. Or with overactive super-senses that refused to stop focusing on them when they started talking. [..]

Book 5, Chapter 22 (Cassie)

Cassie sat in the passenger’s front seat of an older brown Chevy. It was her car, technically, but Curtis was driving. Cassie rarely drove: she didn’t have a [..]

Book 5, Chapter 23

I felt an immediate wellspring of guilt. It was just as strong as it had been in the car, but not as shocking: this was confirmation of John’s [..]

Book 5, Chapter 24

Pips. The abrupt realization that Benjamin’s liaison with the faeries was Pipsqueak was jarring enough to disrupt the barrier I’d put up to reinforce my emotions. I whipped [..]

Book 5, Chapter 25

I was so excited I didn’t even wait for Valerie’s reaction. I started pacing. Who can I call for this? I didn’t really want to interrupt Reid if [..]

Book 5, Chapter 26 (Cassie)

Cassie really didn’t like hospitals. They were worse than graveyards. Graveyards were where people put bodies. Hospitals were where people died. Hope Community Hospital was not a particularly [..]

Book 5, Chapter 27 (John)

John squinted when he got out of his car, despite the fact that he was wearing shades. But even though the sun was — as it had been [..]

Book 5, Chapter 28

Talking to John was something of a nerve wracking experience, if only because the background noise made it pretty obvious that he was on the phone while driving. [..]

Book 5, Chapter 29

I don’t know what came over me. For one moment I was just staring at Hans, shocked while a plethora of emotions raged for dominance inside of me. [..]

Book 5, Chapter 30

It seemed obvious that the zombie ghosts wanted to live. So did I. “Run!” I shouted at Hans. I didn’t know if he could hear me; his eyes were [..]

Book 5, Chapter 31

After a moment, Pipsqueak looked up from my crumpled remains. “So,” he asked someone who was outside my awareness. “You were there this morning. Do you think she [..]

Book 5, Chapter 32 (Benjamin)

They relocated to a greasy spoon diner not far from the hospital. It was a small, hole in the wall place that didn’t have much in the way [..]

Book 5, Chapter 33 (Benjamin)

The trip to the library was fortunately brief. It was still long enough to make Benjamin’s eyes start to water despite being shut — he was glad he [..]

Book 5, Chapter 34

I spent the remainder of the drive psychically chatting with Reid, which was actually quite pleasant. He explained to me that the ‘zombie ghosts’ we’d encountered at the [..]

Book 5, Chapter 35

I started to shoulder past Mr. Fiore, but he caught me by the elbow. “Wait,” Fiore growled quietly. I froze, then snapped around to glare at the offending [..]

Book 5, Chapter 36

Hearing Megan refer to ‘her kingdom’ was a little surreal. It probably didn’t help that she wasn’t dressed up like a faerie queen. Instead, she looked like she [..]

Book 5, Chapter 37 (Daniel)

When Daniel heard the car pull up to the drive, he stood up. “Well, I should see if that’s them,” he told his cousin Frank and his nephew [..]

Book 5, Chapter 38 (Jeremy)

Jeremy slammed the basketball into the gym wall and caught it on the rebound. The booming smack of the ball colliding with the old cinder block bricks was [..]

Book 5, Chapter 39

Once Mr. Fiore, his warlocks, Valerie, and Prudence had departed, I found myself vainly struggling with the urge to fidget. It was time to talk to Megan and [..]

Book 5, Chapter 40

I don’t know what I expected Megan to say. I know what I wanted her to say, but that’s totally different. I certainly didn’t expect her to get [..]

Book 5, Chapter 41

I squeaked. It was the most appropriate response I could come up with. Emma took it with a grin and straightened up so that she was standing at [..]

Book 5, Chapter 42

I don’t know how long I slept. I do know it was sleep, however, because I wasn’t dormant. I wasn’t aware of anything going on around me. In [..]

Book 5, Chapter 43 (Kelson)

Kelson looked up when he heard the knock at his office door. It wasn’t yet dark out, so the club was quieter than usual when he was awake: [..]

Book 5, Chapter 44

Melvin placed both hands on the head of his cane and leaned against it. Using it as a pivot point he swung idly back and forth, letting his [..]

Book 5, Chapter 45

Valerie joined us when we got up to the first floor. It seemed she had secured a remote section of the stacks in which to discuss her plans [..]

Book 5, Chapter 46

Eventually, I managed to pull my lips away from Hans. I wasn’t sure if I should be proud of that or just be pissed that the irritation of [..]

Book 5, Chapter 47

The darkness proved no hindrance thanks to my supernatural night vision. The room was largely empty. There was a massive pet bed, as well as food and water [..]

Book 5, Chapter 48

A single leap was all it took to get me into the hallway — though I did stagger. I would have tried to steady myself by catching the [..]

Book 5, Chapter 49 (Shantaya)

Despite the fact that it was a late Saturday afternoon there were already three other vehicles in the church parking lot and Shantaya recognized them all. Janiqua, who [..]

Book 5, Chapter 50 (Shantaya)

Shantaya entered the pew from the opposite end as Jeremy and then sidled along it until she could sit down next to him. He was seated at the [..]

Book 5, Chapter 51 (Janiqua)

While Shantaya went upstairs, Janiqua scooted over to Benny’s side so she could add her two cents to his confrontation with Jacob. Really, Janiqua agreed with Shantaya about [..]

Book 5, Chapter 52

The limo ride was awkward. This time I was accompanied by Valerie and two of her donors. Pretty much everyone else other than our driver had either left [..]

Book 5, Chapter 53

When we finally pulled to a stop I was the first one out of the limo, even though I had to climb over one of Valerie’s donors — [..]

Book 5, Chapter 54

This morning when I’d stepped from Faerie into Katherine’s home uninvited it had rendered me dormant.  But this morning my soul had been in tatters and my aura [..]

Book 5, Chapter 55

After a moment, the solock I was feeding on started to sag. Her companion shouted in alarm and managed to wrestle her away from me. I let him [..]

Book 5, Chapter 56

Of course, I didn’t get to relax in peace. No sooner had I sprawled out than I heard Melvin chuckle in the seat next to me. I yelped [..]

Book 5, Chapter 57

I may have sat and hyperventilated about Melvin for a little while. But then, right about when I was freaking out over how the last semi-imortal supernatural man [..]

Book 5, Chapter 58

Since I was in the front passenger seat, Jamie took the backseat behind Fumiko. He continued to watch me warily — he had shifted into a masculine version [..]