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Book 6, Chapter 1 (Luis Estevez)

The Board of Directors typically met once every six months. More frequent meetings were rarely necessary: of the twenty-six vampire Families in the United States of America, only [..]

Book 6, Chapter 2

I was hyperventilating. I couldn’t make myself stop, even when I made myself stop breathing entirely. It just started back up again a second later. The ghost wolf [..]

Book 6, Chapter 3

I didn’t know what to think back at Jamie, so I just sort of stared at him blankly after that. It seemed like no one else did, either [..]

Book 6, Chapter 4 (Charles Fleischer)

Despite everything that had gone sideways over the past week, Charles was the picture of composed. He sat patiently in a chair, unmoving as though he was holding [..]

Book 6, Chapter 5

As it turned out, Cassie was both awake and right next to her phone. She answered before the second ring. “Hello. Cassandra speaking,” Cassie answered. “Oh, thank god [..]

Book 6, Chapter 6

As I walked out to the living room, Emma’s wolf ran ahead of me. It swerved around Fumiko, who had apparently gotten up to show off her outfit, [..]

Book 6, Chapter 7

Megan… My thought trailed off. I wanted to warn her to be careful, but I didn’t even know how to express it. Besides, she was the super-powerful faerie [..]

Book 6, Chapter 8

If not breathing caused a drain on my buffer of essence, it was subtle enough that I still wasn’t sure whether or not it actually did. For that [..]

Book 6, Chapter 9

I’m not sure how long I cried while Fumiko held me. Or rather, I’m not sure how long I would have cried if Fumiko had been comfortable with [..]

Book 6, Chapter 10

“Abby?” Fumiko repeated, yanking me out of my head. I still had no idea what to say. My autopilot decided to go without me. “It’s… it’s about Hans,” [..]

Book 6, Chapter 11

Cassie invited us back in after Fumiko knocked. After we came in I hastily excused myself to the hallway to call John. I couldn’t keep putting off calling [..]

Book 6, Chapter 12

Fortunately, nothing interesting took place over the drive. After asking me where we were going so she could look it up on her phone, Fumiko stopped talking to [..]

Book 6, Chapter 13

I left without waiting on anyone else. John followed me, and Jacob followed him — and the other werepup scrambled to catch up with us. We all crammed [..]

Book 6, Chapter 14 (Katherine)

The hood was removed from Katherine’s head and she found herself in a van, surrounded by strange men — but none of them were the donors or warlocks [..]

Book 6, Chapter 15

Ben answered after one ring. I was sort of flattered. I mean, yes: he’s a vampire. But still, I was calling after ten and it had been ground [..]

Book 6, Chapter 16

The limo drive turned out to be way too short for me to get Ben’s indecency out of my head. I couldn’t decide if he was going to [..]

Book 6, Chapter 17 (Charles)

It took a focused effort of will for Charles to pull himself away from Katherine’s neck. Feeding always brought out the beast in him, and it didn’t help [..]

Book 6, Chapter 18

Suddenly, I felt uncomfortably self conscious. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to squeeze Ben’s hand tighter or yank my hand out of his. How was I supposed [..]

Book 6, Chapter 19

The first thing I noticed as I approached Mister Salvatore’s house was that Jacob and Shanataya hadn’t actually made it inside. Jacob was waiting at the steps of [..]

Book 6, Chapter 20 (Benjamin)

Ben watched Abby beat a hasty retreat and wondered if he could get away with doing the same. Not that being abandoned with her other partners was intimidating [..]

Book 6, Chapter 21 (Charles)

When Charles arrived at Director Salvatore’s home, it was to the scene of an operation in progress. He had updated his men stationed in the house across from [..]

Book 6, Chapter 22

A nightmare. I was having some kind of nightmare. That was the only explanation that made any sense: Witches weren’t real. Werewolves weren’t real. Faeries weren’t real. Vampires [..]

Book 6, Chapter 23

Elaine turned her incredulous gaze back upon me. “This is Abigail?” She asked. Next to me, John nodded piteously. I returned her regard in equal measure, though I [..]

Book 6, Chapter 24

The ghost of Mitchell Kallaher regarded me balefully. Or was it right to say that Mitchell Kallaher regarded me? Was there a difference between a person and their [..]

Book 6, Chapter 25

Of course, getting on the road wasn’t as easy as just having a car, a destination and a driver.  Before I could leave the room with Elaine, I had [..]

Book 6, Chapter 26

It took only a second for Pipsqueak’s offhand comment to start my heart rate climbing, because that’s how long it took for my brain to start spinning up [..]

Book 6, Chapter 27

Ba-dmp ba-dmp ba-dmp ba-dmp…  In the sudden silence of the world in suspended animation, my heart beat echoed loudly in my ears.  I felt a tremble in my elbows — [..]

Book 6, Chapter 28

The fire had already attracted the attention of others. When I turned the corner onto the funeral home’s street I could see people who’d come outof other places [..]

Book 6, Chapter 29

Shocked, I stared at the sneering corpse in front of me. But even though I was still struggling with an overwhelm of guilt — made all the worse [..]

Book 6, Chapter 30

I wanted to run. I wanted to run away, but I felt rooted to the spot. Dopplinda’s spell had pushed all of the fire to the edges of [..]

Book 6, Chapter 31 (Elaine)

It took Elaine only a moment to spot her prey. It was night, and late at that: there were simply very few vehicles on the streets near the [..]

Book 6, Chapter 32

When I left the funeral home, I was far from my usual self. The bite I’d taken out of Dopplinda had kept me from going over the edge, [..]

Book 6, Chapter 33

“Abigail,” Elaine broke into my ruminations about Estevez, “How are you holding up?” she asked. I whirled away from the now missing casket, and back to face her. [..]

Book 6, Chapter 34

When Elaine’s car turned onto the same road as us it was moving way too fast. Megan wasn’t the one driving, either: that position was taken by Shantaya, [..]

Book 6, Chapter 35

We arrived at the apartments before Valerie or any of the others we’d invited. That, I decided, was probably a good thing — because I was still trying [..]

Book 6, Chapter 36

Hans stared at me as though I’d done something impossible. Had I? “What did you do?” After the initial shock at him suddenly being him, I didn’t even [..]

Book 6, Chapter 37

After Hans broke the kiss he smiled at me, then scooped me up and boosted me toward the open trap door. I yelped, then scrambled out. Hans took [..]

Book 6, Chapter 38

In the instant it took for my conscious mind to catch up with what I’d said, tension gelled around us. “Um,” I fumbled, trying to find a way [..]

Book 6, Chapter 39

Everything having to do with soul stuff was at least somewhat metaphorical. Including how I perceived it. So I decided to try to shift that. To… open myself [..]

Book 6, Chapter 40

Fumiko had followed my gaze to Benjamin. When she looked back and saw that it had landed on her, she gave me a sympathetic grimace. Or maybe it [..]

Book 6, Chapter 41

It took me a second to process what Fumiko had just said. once I was pretty sure I hadn’t just misheard, I blurted it back out for confirmation. [..]

Book 6, Chapter 42

Getting things moving took a little while, mostly because we didn’t quite have enough transportation. Although Megan and Emma were being numerically replaced by Hans and Cassie, their [..]

Book 6, Chapter 43

After taking care of Hans, I also managed to unravel and consume the obstruction in my leyline to Shantaya. That was something of a relief on multiple levels. [..]

Book 6, Chapter 44

I looked around again while everyone was getting out of their vehicles, and sure enough: no ghosts. Some of the sorority girls looked a little pale and drawn, [..]

Book 6, Chapter 45

Of course, I yelped and stumbled back in shock. It was a quick way to get everyone’s attention, after all. “Ghosts,” I said to answer the surprised expressions. [..]

Book 6, Chapter 46

“Ghost Zombies!” I shrieked. I didn’t know how else to respond. For the moment I was locked up in shock — and in that moment the other ghosts [..]

Book 6, Chapter 47

The thought that I’d maybe died had a dreamlike quality to it, except you aren’t supposed to be able to feel pain when you’re in a dream. Are [..]

Book 6, Chapter 48

A fork.  A fork? No: The fork that Sebastian had given me.  A piece of essence that I could manipulate.  Faerie essence, that I could manipulate.  Giddy with relief, I started to [..]

Book 6, Chapter 49

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes convinced me I was still unconscious. A real-life Prince Tanaka filled my field of vision. But for some [..]

Book 6, Chapter 50

The first vampire I addressed was Elaine, even though she was trailing behind the other two. “You’re okay,” I observed in relief. “What happened?” The question was almost [..]

Book 6, Chapter 51

I ended up riding in one of the vans with Fiore. Well, he rode shotgun while one of his solocks drove. Cassie, along with Hans, Shantaya, and her [..]